Top performing cryptocurrencies in the first quarter of 2024

With the end of the first quarter of 2024, it seems necessary to develop an overall assessment. The function of this is to evaluate the respective performances of various contemporary narratives within the crypto-ecosystem.


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Memecoins explode: 1,313% average increase in the sector.

While the cryptocurrency market has been in a retracement phase for almost a week now, memecoins continue to perform spectacularly. In particular, we note an average progression 1,313% for various crypto projects belonging to this sector.

Of the ten largest coins in terms of market capitalization at the time of writing, we note three projects that were launched during the month of March. In this case, yes Brett (BRETT), THE MEME BOOK (BOME) a A cat in a dog world (MEW).

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Within this selection, it is the BRETT token that shows the highest growth rate. We are seeing a phenomenal increase of more than 7700% compared to its introductory price. In the second place we find dogwifhat (WIF) with an improvement greater than 2700% after listing it on trading platforms.

In light of this data, we see that the meme coin sector is benefiting from the development 4.6 times more important than the topic RWA. Decryption in the rest of this article.

Crypto trends 2024: artificial intelligence and RWA topic gaining momentum

In 2024, a number of new concepts with great potential appeared. This selection mainly includes crypto projects based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and theme RWA (Real World Assets, or assets from the real world).

The latter shows an average increase of 285% for the first quarter of 2024. This phenomenon underlines the growing interest of the market in the tokenization of assets with the support of several giants of global finance, such as Black stone. The most profitable RWA tokens are MANTRA (OM) a TokenFi (TOKEN) who respectively won 1074.4% AND 419.7% for the monitored period.

Artificial intelligence is in third place in the ranking of the best performing industries this year. Cryptos related to artificial intelligence see an average growth of o 220%. At the top of the list are projects like AIOZ network (AIOZ) a (FET), or 480% AND 378% on the rise. Note that recently merged with SingularityNET AND Ocean protocol in order to spawn a token ABOUT.

DeFi and DePIN gradually take over in 2024

While she benefited from exceptional pressure during the previous bull run 2021PUSH Call shows lower performance for the current period. We have seen a general improvement set at 98.9% albeit with above average projects. This is especially the case Jupiter (JUP) p 125.7% AND Finance ribbon (RBN), which advances 430% from the beginning of 2024.

At the same time, we notice progress in projects Made of pine (Decentralized physical infrastructure networks). These are primarily focused on managing the physical infrastructure in a decentralized manner. The most dynamic DePIN projects are Arweave (AR) a Livepeer (LPT) with or 292.5% AND 133.7% on the rise for the first quarter.

The Most Profitable Narrative Cryptocurrencies in 2024

According to the latest available data, the subject Layers 1 was relatively less profitable at the beginning of the year 2024. Even if Solana (SOL) has attracted significant investor interest due to the successful launch of several meme coins such as BONKblockchain has advanced only by 91.9% during the quarter. This advance allowed him to do so return to the 2021 level however, without managing to reach a new historical peak.

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To make the most of 2024, investors are encouraged to position themselves on nemerging thematic news within the crypto ecosystem. This particularly applies to the tokenization of real-world assets (RWA) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Source: Coingecko

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