According to pv magazine International

Elia has published a new interactive online map showing all the capacity available on its network. “The mapping already takes into account existing reserved capacity and capacity reserved by network users. Growth in residential load and production is factored in, the manager said in a press release. Not all reserved capacities will be used. The map provides a basic overview. A detailed study is still needed to determine the actual capacity of the connection.”

The map shows that the Belgian grid could still accommodate 3.3 GW of solar power and 2.8 GW of batteries. The country currently has approximately 8.3 GW of installed solar power and 0.2 GW of storage capacity. It also shows the capacity available for flexible connections. “Connecting new network users with flexibility limited to 5% creates two to three times more space in the network,” continues Elia. As part of the flexibility contracts, Elia has the option not to supply 5% of the total annual energy in the event of grid congestion.

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