Photovoltaic electricity producer Rubis Photosol has secured €60 million in bank financing from BPI (40%), BRED (30%) and CIC (30%) at the end of December 2023. This amount will enable it to finance eight photovoltaic parks with an output of 67 MWp. The portfolio, which is entering the construction phase and is entirely developed and built by the group, includes block power plants from 2 MW to 20 MW located in Bellac, Mainzac, Belvès 1, Belvès 2, Marillac 1, Marillac 2, La Rochefoucauld and Pranzac.

In total, they represent an annual production of 84 GWh. Electricity from two of these parks, with a total capacity of 38 MW, will be sold under a direct purchase agreement (PPA) concluded in February 2023 with Leroy Merlin, which will ultimately represent generation corresponding to 17% of consumption. group. The two projects, located in the town of Bellac (Haute-Vienne) and the other in the town of Mainzac in Charente, will be located on plots that will continue their agricultural activities.

Founded in 2008, Photosol now has more than 858 MWp in operation and under construction and 3.7 GWp under construction in France, mainly on land in agrovoltaic and degraded land, agricultural and tertiary roofs and car park shading.

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