Model Week Group: My EVJF, I DOV YOU, MW: Fashion and events go hand in hand

When fashion professionals put themselves at the service of individuals to take care of their events, the originality and success of the event is guaranteed. This is a clear observation of many groups that have used the services of the Model Week group. The subsidiaries of this group, specializing in fields as diverse as they are original, are true creators of innovative activities and concepts.

Deauville, I admire you!

It is on the Côte Fleurie, in the beautiful seaside resort of Deauville, that the headquarters of the Model Week Group is located. It is in this destination that I DOV YOU welcomes many groups of individuals for hen parties and farewells, but also professionals who want to organize their team building in Deauville.

Combining his expertise in fashion and surrounding himself with event professionals, I DOV YOU created completely original concepts such as EVJF CLIP, LE TRÉSOR DE LA MARIE, THE HUMAN LOGO or even LA PISTE AUX ETOILES.

“We are an agency with a heart,” declares Greg Lebrun, director of I DOV YOU and founder of Model Week. “We never stop creating original activities and concepts aimed at providing our customers with simple pleasures: regaining self-confidence, the taste for good things, the smell of childhood” And the result is here with more than 2000 groups received in recent years and a 5-star rating on Google.

I DOV YOU continues to specialize in creating activities with a completely innovative project of sensory activities, new interactive game concepts and other surprises that the team has secrets for. In the development phase, there is also a center intended exclusively for individuals coming to the resort for a short stay.

MY EVJF: We’re breaking the hen party codes

As seen earlier in the context of the EVJFs in Deauville, a subsidiary of the Model WEEK Group specializes in hen parties: MY EVJF.

The creation of this agency started from a simple observation: bachelorette parties are a good idea, but the concept is completely anachronistic. No one wants to be humiliated during a drunken weekend that you don’t even remember or only remember the bad parts of. In the age of instant sharing of information, photos and videos, we want to experience and convey beauty, goodness, strong connections.

And My EVJF has arrived for you future ladies! From fashion photoshoots to very tasteful clips, secret brunches, dream SPAs and concepts full of gifts, the agency promises you (and keeps its word) a weekend based on good mood, good taste, discovery and sharing among friends.

Available in many destinations in France and Europe, the My EVJF concept has become essential with more than 50,000 accepted customers and a 4.9 rating on Google, which is exceptional in events.

Model Week: Protecting Ourselves

Model Week is the original subsidiary of the group. Specializing in fashion and photography, he provides I DOV YOU and My EVJF with his artistic talent to host high-end events. It is also a real laboratory where the most original ideas for activities are born and concepts are presented and legally protected by the renowned Bouchara firm.

Nevertheless, we must also be able to renew ourselves, constantly improve, think, create, and in the rest we must trust the consumer,” concludes the director of the group.

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