Lamarr, committed leather goods and 100% made in Italy

The Italian brand offers a unique collection of leather bags and accessories. All creations are 100% made in Italy in a style between tradition and modernity.

Historic craftsmanship and know-how

Lamarr was officially born in 2022 in Milan, but the idea and concept had been brewing in the mind of its founder Hedylamarro Rodrigues for years. Passionate about fashion, design and fine materials, this designer designed her own clothes as a child. His dream of launching his brand is becoming a reality in the post-Covid context. “Lamarr was born at the end of a period of deep thinking, when my desire was to create for women who dare to do business. Behind every creation is the desire to bring together women who want to reveal their strength, independence, determination, values ​​and, of course, elegance,” says the founder. She thus launched the first collection of handbags with a unique identity corresponding to the values ​​that are close to her heart. Each reference is in fact the fruit of historic and high-quality Italian craftsmanship. This includes the choice of noble materials, obsession as well as passion for Hedylamarr Rodrigues. “Each piece is handcrafted and finished by Salvatore Polieri, a leather virtuoso with over fifty years of experience. At the end of the workshop, each of the creations has its own identity and story,” he explains.

Art made in Italy

From design to production including materials, all Lamarr creations are based on authentic know-how. The Milanese firm now has three collections, including Woman Voice, the first of which is made up of three legacies: Artemisia, Jeanne and Agnodice: “three women who defied the social conventions of their time with unrelenting determination,” clarifies Hedylamarr. Rodrigues. The three pieces feature a clean and refined design enhanced by premium black leather and the brand’s iconic chain. The Beatrix collection, which is still on sale, brings some summer gems with a bold but perfectly executed combination of leather and raffia. “Beatrix is ​​dedicated to strong, independent women without limitations,” describes the designer. The creative world of Lamarr is also, and finally, a must-have Mettallic collection. This time, the brand decided to explore the future through games of light, reflections and textures inspired by futuristic exhibitions. “Where light and digital become art,” explains the designer. The collection currently includes a model available in five colors.

Creations available worldwide

Currently, the original creations of the Lamarr brand are available at several points of sale. This winter, the Milanese business is exhibited in the famous concept store Moiré Gallery Milan, which is a mix of art, fashion and design. Eager to expand internationally, Lamarr regularly attends major events in the fashion world, such as Paris Fashion Week. In 2024, the Italian brand will open its pop-up store in the French capital on this occasion. In addition to these points of sale, which you can find on its website, the brand has a worldwide presence thanks to its online store and its social networks. It is possible to place an order from France and get creations available in stock. If the first collections were already very successful, Lamarr is not going to stop with a number of ongoing projects to promote the brand and its motto: “give yourself a voice” (editor’s note: give voice to your person), an ode to freedom, elegance and authenticity.

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