Investing: Winning Strategies for Your Money in 2024

Posted on December 26, 2023 at 9:12 am

All financiers make their predictions and set their plan for the coming year. Unfortunately, they don’t have a crystal ball. Their scenarios can quickly be overturned by a turn in monetary policy, the declaration of a new war… In short, their asset allocation recommendations must therefore be reviewed according to current events. But it can be a good anchor for your portfolios at the beginning of the year.

One thing is certain: 2024 is off to a cautious start. Management professionals are unanimous on this point. The addition was finally repeated from 2023. At the same time last year, management experts feared the worst in the markets. A fear that, given the development of most indices, did not come true. ” The resilience of economic growth in developed countries surprised us in 2023 », confirms Kevin Thozet, member of the Carmignac investment committee. The tighter monetary policy of central bankers, which has continued in the United States and Europe, has had relatively little impact on the health of businesses so far. ” However, the consequences of this rate increase should occur this year. Economic indicators are beginning to deteriorate on both sides of the Atlantic », specifies Julien-Pierre Nouen, Director of Economic Studies and Diversified Management at Lazard Frères Gestion.

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