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The German Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) has announced the price ceilings for the tenders for photovoltaics and wind energy for 2024. For onshore wind farms and onshore photovoltaic systems, the agency has set the price ceilings at €0.0735/kWh and €0.0737/kWh, respectively. respectively. It set a ceiling price for rooftop photovoltaic systems at EUR 0.1050/kWh. “We are creating a reliable framework for auctions,” said Klaus Müller, president of the Bundesnetzagentur.

The Bundesnetzagentur said a slightly lower level would be sufficient “to enable adequate offers”, and said it also took into account the falling costs of rooftop PV systems. In addition, no “significant additional bids above EUR 0.1050/kWh” were submitted in the last round of tenders in 2023, the Bundesnetzagentur said.

The October tender for rooftop photovoltaic systems was rewritten twice and the average contract value was EUR 0.0958/kWh.

If the Bundesnetzagentur did not implement this new designation, the ceiling prices for tenders would fall to a significantly lower level in accordance with the provisions published earlier this year. It would set a ceiling price of EUR 0.0588/kWh for wind projects and EUR 0.0590/kWh for solar installations. The ceiling price for photovoltaic installations on roofs would be reduced to EUR 0.0891/kWh. “However, these values ​​are not sufficient,” the Bundesnetzagentur said.

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