Etherscan bets on Solana and buys Solscan

Etherscan, the leader in Ethereum block explorers, just delivered a big blow in early 2024: the acquisition of Solscan, the essential explorer of the Solana blockchain. The stated goal: to expand its services to several blockchains while the SOL token rally is in full swing.

Etherscan gets Solscan from Solan

Etherscan gets its hands on Solscan, the data gem of Solana

On January 3, Etherscan announced the acquisition of Solscan in a press release. With 3 million monthly users, the service has established itself as the reference explorer of the Solana ecosystem.

The operation is billed as a “collaborative merger” between two leaders in blockchain research. Target? Leverage their complementary expertise to offer a unified platform that is even richer in data and functionality.

In fact, Solscan offers services very similar to Etherscan: detailed addresses, tokens and transaction data, as well as APIs, dashboards and metadata of non-fungible tokens (NFTs)… All these advantages that should allow a fast and harmonious integration within the Etherscan ecosystem.

Following the acquisition, Etherscan will continue to provide neutral access to blockchain data while incorporating Solscan’s best assets.

For Matthew Tan, CEO of Etherscan, this alignment is perfect with his mission to democratize information. The association with Solscan will further improve the user-friendliness and availability of data on its platform.

Etherscan expands its horizons beyond Ethereum

This acquisition comes at the right time as enthusiasm for Solano has never been stronger. With a 60% increase in one month, its SOL token crossed the token $100 mark for the first time since the FTX crash. Its capitalization is now around $50 billion, making SOL the 5th largest market.

And that may just be the beginning: some analysts actually predict that SOL could replace Ether in terms of valuation in the long term. At the end of 2022, Solana has already surpassed its rival in the daily volumes of the Decentralized Exchange (DEX): an omen that speaks volumes!

The excitement surrounding Solano is also reflected in the search. According to Google Trends, the term “Solana” surpassed “Ethereum” at the end of December with a popularity score of 56 to 50. Evidence of the growing interest of the general public.

In that context, it’s no surprise that Etherscan has bet big on Solscan, which is ideally positioned to ride the Solana frenzy. This strategic alliance will enable Etherscan to take full advantage of the future growth of this stellar blockchain, cementing its leadership position.

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