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America’s cash transportation company Brinks has been managing the flow of cash for over a century. Its French branch managed more than 50 billion euros, representing a quarter of local payments. Faced with the massive digitization of payment methods, it has been able to adapt. Meeting with Michaël Gabay, its Chairman and CEO.

Forbes France: What does digitization mean for a cash flow management company?

Michael GABAY : In three years, we have developed at an incredible speed to become a real technology player by integrating all the new necessary professions. Digital is now ubiquitous in the fiduciary flow process. We manage 11,000 ATMs through our own software, collect cash deposits at newsagents on behalf of neo-banks over the counter and offer over 8,500 cash digitization solutions for major brands. Our traditional transport and cash handling now only accounts for 50% of our turnover.

What do you mean by digitizing cash?

MG : Create data feeds from cash-related data streams that can be used in real-time, such as for credit cards. Now, when the cashier at the hypermarket ends his day, the cash obtained becomes bank details in one day, where until recently it took seven. Digital technologies make cash transactions faster and easier, while remaining the most reliable means of payment. I like to describe Brinks as “cash tech”.

Can this be enough for the species to survive in the digital world?

MG : The digital revolution is above all intelligent and proactive data management, which is why it is at the heart of our transformations. But have access data driven this first requires the processing of coherent and relevant data. We collect this data from nearly 20 different service providers by connecting to their business software. The main task is to automate the analysis of this data, add business rules ad hoc structure our new processes and related services. Our 11,000 connected ATMs, as well as our cash withdrawal solutions serving major retail brands, provide us with a wealth of essential information to help us make decisions. It is this expertise that our clients are looking for by delegating to us the complete management of their ATMs or payment solutions.

While we thought we were witnessing the end of cash, have cash withdrawals increased in recent months in France?

MG : The French are very attached to this means of payment, because even though their number is decreasing, 50% of transactions are still carried out in cash. Conflicting payment methods do not make sense, I believe that rather than being mutually exclusive, they are rather complementary. Take the example of self-service checkouts, where customers usually pay by card, the last year or two has been a challenge to integrate cash and it works.

What is the best advice you have received in your professional career?

GM: Consider that resources are first located within the company. Of course, get external specific profiles for specific needs, but formatted paths should be avoided. Desire and curiosity are strengths for me. I really believe in the need to mix experiences and cultures. With us, the director of the Cash Management network started as a money carrier, the director of transformation is 32 years old, and the director of projects has twenty years of experience in the house. They all share the same desire to achieve within society.

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