Bitcoin SV jumps 60% as AI altcoin pre-sale reaches $7.8 million

Bitcoin SV (BSV) is up 60%.InQubeta, an AI altcoin, managed to raise $7.8 million during its ongoing presale. The success of InQubeta’s presale, which raised more than $7.8 million in the gradually restarting cryptocurrency winter, highlights its growth potential.

Bitcoin SV hit new highs

Bitcoin SV is primarily intended for large enterprise applications. There have been many changes, such as the Quasar protocol update in July 2019, which created blocks as large as 2GB.

The surge in the price of BSV was very noticeable, with its gains reaching 82% every month and over $770 million spent on its trading. South Korean investors have largely contributed to this upward trend, representing 65% of BSV’s trading volume on Upbit, South Korea’s largest exchange.

Although its creators claim it is tied to Satoshi’s vision, BSV has problems. Thus, 51% of attacks occurred more than once. The rise in the price of BSV is part of a broader rise in the cryptocurrency market. Additionally, Bitcoin hit a 20-month high.

Successful Presale of InQubeta (QUBE)

InQubeta (QUBE) presents itself as a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform tailored to AI startups looking to redefine how these projects raise funds and interact with their communities.

The QUBE token, an ERC20 token with deflationary characteristics, serves as a medium of exchange on the platform. It allows users to invest in AI startups and participate in the NFT market.

InQubeta introduces an inventive approach that makes it possible to mine investment opportunities in the form of NFTs.

These NFTs can be listed on the platform for QUBE token holders to invest in. In this way, the project removes all barriers to entry into the AI ​​sector for investors who do not have a huge amount of capital to risk, while making it easier to obtain seamless funding for AI-based blockchain projects.

Currently in phase 6 of the presale, the project has reached a major milestone and raised more than $7.8 million, with more than 92.96% of tokens already sold.

The QUBE token offers a distinct and promising path for those interested in supporting the development of AI startups. Its deflation mechanism, triggered by a 2% tax on buy and sell transactions, transfers fees to a dedicated Burn wallet and gradually reduces the token supply to improve long-term value.

Additionally, a 5% sales tax fuels a dedicated reward pool and encourages investors to bet on tokens for decent returns.

According to a recent research report by Next Move Strategy Consulting, the global artificial intelligence market is expected to grow more than twenty-fold from its current value of nearly $100 billion to reach approximately $2 trillion by 2030.

Due to the significant growth expected in the AI ​​industry, the demand for AI tokens, including QUBE, may increase in the coming years.

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