Bitcoin (BTC) Is Up Almost 150% This Year, Pullix (PLX) Is Poised To Exceed Those Gains At Launch

Bitcoin (BTC) has surprised the DeFi market with a 150% increase this year, attracting investors around the world. However, the rising star of the Phase 5 presale, Pullix (PLX), is also making headlines. Some even believe that PLX will become the next 100x token. Let’s see why.

Bitcoin price prediction

Bitcoin’s (BTC) monumental 150% rise this year demonstrates its resilience and cements its position as the industry’s flagship cryptocurrency. Data from CoinMarketCap shows that the price of BTC rose from $16,690 on January 3, 2023 to $45,429 on January 2, 2024.

In addition, cryptoanalyst Rekt Capital presented a bullish note on Bitcoin. According to him, BTC crossed the $45,000 mark for the first time in two years. The technical analysis of this asset also paints a bullish picture as 28 technical indicators are in the green.

This is why CoinCodex analysts expect the value of BTC to reach $45,884.01 by the end of January 2024. This confirms that BTC is one of the best cryptocurrencies in the industry.

Pullix (PLX) is emerging as a promising altcoin and is generating considerable anticipation ahead of its launch in Q1 2024. The buzz surrounding PLX suggests that potential gains even outpace Bitcoin’s impressive rise. This fact is supported by its excellent pre-sale performance, which increased the value by 75% and enabled Pullix to raise $2 million.

The craze for this DeFi cryptocurrency is due to the innovation it represents. Pullix will launch a first-of-its-kind community-backed hybrid exchange platform. It will thus provide great liquidity, access to all asset classes (including cryptocurrencies) in a single account, and self-declared portfolio management to differentiate itself from the competition.

The heart of this platform will be the native PLX token, which is worth just $0.07 today. It is essential to hold this asset to get discounts on trading fees, passive income through betting and much more. Speaking of betting, Pullix will introduce a “Trade-to-Earn” model that will reward bets significantly. With this model, PLX stakers will receive a portion of Pullix’s daily income.

In addition, Pullix has a multi-currency betting feature that allows you to bet other cryptocurrencies (such as Dogecoin) with Pullix. You will receive a fixed interest rate based on your lock-in period. For all these reasons, more than 45 million PLX tokens have already been sold.

Pullix, a better alternative to Bitcoin?

Unlike Bitcoin, which is worth $895 billion, Pullix only has a small market cap of $14 million. The PLX token will therefore grow much faster as it requires less new funds to skyrocket in price. In fact, it would even take $14 million to double its current value (and revenues). Since the platform is connected to the forex market, which has a daily trading volume of 6.6 billion dollars, it will be quite easy to achieve this goal.

In short, Pullix is ​​the best altcoin to buy right now because it offers much faster returns than Bitcoin.

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