ATNT PARIS: The success story of modern streetwear. – Forbes France

Since its establishment in 2016, ATNT PARIS has become an essential reference in the world of streetwear, embodying audacity and modernity. Founded in 2018 by visionaries Esther and Mendel, the brand began modestly with a simple custom hoodie, but its rapid success has propelled it to full-fledged brand status, launching an extraordinary entrepreneurial adventure.

By Eve Sabbah

At the age of 16, Esther and Mendel, then high school students, gave birth to an adventure that went beyond streetwear. Their starting point? A personalized sweatshirt, designed first for themselves, then adopted by their friends, their first customers, ATNT beyond the school yard to conquer the capital, creating a shock wave that quickly spread through a generation of French high school students. This motto reflects the brand’s commitment to democratize fashion, offering everyone the opportunity to feel good in their clothes without compromising quality or style.

From t-shirts to sweatshirts, jogging pants to accessories, ATNT embodies the perfect harmony between comfort and elegance. Each piece is carefully designed and reflects the unique lifestyle of its founders. The brand stands out for its meticulous attention to detail, from the careful selection of raw materials to the perfect quality of tailoring.
At the business level, ATNT Paris has experienced extraordinary growth that has not slowed down for 5 years and expanded its presence beyond borders. What started as a simple project between friends has turned into a successful business that is present in several regions of the world and now generates several thousand sales.

Social networks as a pillar of visibility

In the current digital era, social networks are positioned as essential for brand visibility, and ATNT Paris is a shining example. The brand emerged organically on social platforms and quickly established a connection with a global fan base.

ATNT Paris’ social media presence is not limited to simple promotion; it represents a direct communication channel with its community. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok allow a brand to communicate with its customers, share its story and stay in line with new trends. ATNT Paris has fully understood the strategic importance of social networks in building a modern and engaging brand image, thereby consolidating its status as an undisputed reference in streetwear.

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