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The company ANTAGUA, which since its establishment in 2001 has specialized in the field of sanitary and technical diagnostics of water supply networks, supports a number of clients from all walks of life every year, between high expertise and historical know-how. Interview with Patrick Paris, CEO and founder of the company.

Can you tell us more about ANTAGUA’s expertise?

ANTAGUA is an expert company that works on the internal water supply networks of buildings. As a doctorate holder myself, I founded this company after spending several years at CSTB (Centre of Scientific and Technical Constructions).

Who is this expertise aimed at?

We currently work for a large number of public and private healthcare facilities, as well as municipalities, be it hospitals, clinics, EHPAD, town halls, hotels, or even residential buildings.

What services does ANTAGUA offer in terms of water network management?

ANTAGUA performs both diagnostics and audits of water supply networks, as well as control analyzes and improvements of existing installations.

In this way, we can help our customers to meet the numerous applicable regulatory obligations, for example with regard to bacteriological water quality. Hospitals in particular are subject to very strict standards in this area.

Usually, our job it also consists in saving water and energy by maximally optimizing our customers’ installations. A medium-sized hospital concentrates several kilometers of pipes: it is therefore extremely important to think about the design of these networks, especially since it will have a strong impact on the health safety of the network!

Controlling water consumption is now becoming a major concern. Does it affect the way you think about your profession?

Energy savings are indeed one of the new challenges in this sector.

Reducing the use of energy in all its forms for heating water must now be at the center of our priorities; especially since there are many uncertainties regarding energy price fluctuations in the coming years.

This is why ANTAGUA is doing significant work to optimize water networks for many of its customers.

What is the added value of ANTAGUA through these different water network management services?

One of our company’s strengths is trying to minimize compliance or repair costs as much as possible. This cost optimization work is still and has always been core our DNA !

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